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GERMANY - Herzogstand -Berggasthaus Herzogstand(1575m) - Mountain peak
GERMANY - Herzogstand -
Berggasthaus Herzogstand
(1575m) - Mountain peak
82432 Kochel am See  Bayern
► Liegt etwa 70 Kilometer südlich von München (1 hour drive from Munich)
► In der Nähe von Kochel am See (Few min. drive to Kochelsee)
► In der Nähe von Murnau am Staffelsee (Few min. drive to Murnau)
► In der Nähe von Bad Tölz (Few min. drive to Bad Tölz)
Only 1 hour from Munich / Nur 1 Stunde von München entfernt.
Telephone: +49-08851234


We speak:    Deutsch  English  

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Parking-Pay Pets Welcome  Sport - Cycling Sport - Mountain Biking Sport - Outdoor Swimming Pool Sport - Ski Area
Herzogstand Herzogstand - Pay for parking, Herzogstand - Parkgebühr bezahlen, Herzogstand Herzogstand Herzogstand Herzogstand Herzogstand Herzogstand Herzogstand

The Herzogstand is located approximately 70 kilometers (about 43 miles) south of Munich, the capital and largest city of Bavaria, Germany. The distance may vary slightly depending on the specific starting point in Munich and the route taken to reach Herzogstand. The journey typically takes around one to one and a half hours by car, depending on traffic and road conditions.

If you prefer public transportation, you can also take a train or a combination of train and bus to reach the Herzogstand region from Munich. The nearest train station is usually Kochel am See, and from there, you can continue your journey by bus or taxi to get closer to the mountain.

Overall, Herzogstand is a popular destination for day trips or weekend getaways from Munich, offering a scenic escape to the Bavarian Alps and opportunities for outdoor activities.



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